4-year-old Pat
Pat when she was 4-years-old

Born in Jakarta to Indonesian-Chinese parents, I grew up in Singapore feasting on my mother’s yummy home-cooking and reading voraciously. I’ve been reading and writing since I was wee high and was nourished on everything from Enid Blyton to Archie comics. Fairies, magic treehouses and high school angst–what a combo right? As an immigrant twice-over, I’m brimming with stories to tell and hope that children of every creed and color—including my multiracial son—will see themselves reflected in books, whether mine or other #ownvoices authors.

I live in the Washington D.C. metro region with my husband and son where I write children’s stories with heart and work on my other passion—food and cooking.


  1. I can communicate in 5 languages (English, Indonesian, Mandarin, French, and Pig Latin), as in I can order coffee and ask for directions to the ladies room.
  2. Put Hello Kitty on anything and I’ll want it.
  3. My older brother and I are almost Irish twins—we were born only 15 months apart!
  4. My favorite color is orange, tangerine, vermillion…
  5. I’m obsessed with ladybirds.
  6. My favorite ice cream flavor is pistachio. My favorite gelato flavor is banana. Yes, there is a difference!
My siblings Mars, Mo, and I. This photo was taken in Penang c. 1982.
A family photo taken in 1974. Dad Rudy, Mom Julia, big brother Marcel, and Pat (Baby sister Maureen wasn’t born yet!)
  1. Whenever I crave my favorite fruit, durian, my husband makes me eat it outside. It’s that stinky!
  2. I was a chubby kid because I couldn’t stop eating fried foods, especially shrimp chips.
  3. My first kitchen jobs were rolling spring rolls and skewering satay.
  4. I like to sing and dance in public; if only to embarrass my husband
  5. Ideas strike me everywhere and anywhere—in the car, on a walk, while I’m cooking and yes, even in the shower.
  6. I probably have over 100 story ideas jotted down on scrap pieces of paper, in notebooks, on my computer etc., but only 15 to 20 have seen the light of day!