Written by a mother and daughter team, Mortar and Pestle is filled with family recipes spanning three decades for Indonesian dishes served at their family table.

Mother/daughter team, Juliana and Pat, indulge readerswith their vibrant collection of 80 delicious recipes and their intimate knowledge of Indonesian cuisine. The accessible recipes in the Mortar and Pestle encompass popular dishes that appeal to both native Indonesians and those new to the cuisine, all of which can be easily replicated by home cooks using easily accessed ingredients available.


Old family photographs and cozy, family narratives bring the reader into the authors’ home and allow them to travel vicariously through food. Written with the distinct sensibility of an Indonesian who was born and grew up in Indonesia (Julia) and her daughter who was raised in the culture and taught to cook from a young age (Pat), this comprehensive cookbook is lighthearted and punctuated with practical, how-to instruction. Mortar and Pestle proves Indonesian food can be prepared in any kitchen, anywhere in the world.

OVER 75 RECIPIES: A gold mine of delicious and authentic Indonesian classics such as Nasi Goreng and Tempeh

VIBRANT IMAGES: Appetizing and vibrant photographs of finished dishes for reference

UNIQUE FLAVORS: Indonesian food embodies a richness and complexity that reflects centuries of invaders, settlers, and immigrants.