Easy recipes for making pickles and fermented foods from all over Asia

Whether you’re a first-time fermenter or a pickling pro, it’s never been easier to create flavorful Asian pickles from the comfort of your own kitchen. Asian Pickles at Home is packed with straightforward guidance and delicious recipes for fast and fresh pickles, chutneys and sauces, kimchi, and other fermented foods from Japan, China, Korea, India, and Southeast Asia.


This guide to Asian pickling includes:

  • A pickling primer―Learn all about the history and process of fermentation, the health benefits of pickles, using the right ingredients, and how to outfit your kitchen for pickling success.
  • Your pickling passport―Explore what makes each country’s pickles and pickling techniques unique, and get detailed instructions for canning and fermenting Asian pickles.
  • Simple recipes―Discover uncomplicated recipes that require only easy-to-find ingredients and basic techniques to create the complex flavor profiles you know and love.

Master the art of Asian pickles from around the globe with this essential pickling book.